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Messaging allows you to have weather information sent directly to your phone as soon as it becomes available from our weather station.

Please note :  you DO NOT need a WAP phone to use this facility an ordinary mobile will work.

This facility is used by members of Borders Gliding Club

How does it work ?

First of all you need to have an email account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is capable of sending an "sms" text message to your mobile phone. Next you need to register with us so information can be sent to your mobile phone as text.

When weather information is uploaded to our site a message is generated which is sent to your email account. The information you require is in the subject only,  which means this is the only option you need to activate under the "sms" preferences.

What do I do next ?

Setup an email account (try talk21 it's free, click on the picture below) with SMS text messaging or if you already have an email account enable it and make a note of the email address. Try sending yourself an email to make sure it's working okay.


Now that you have an email account capable of sending text messages to your phone the next stage is to inform your MET4NET Administrator who can add then to the system.

What will I see ?

Display format for messaging service (data is for the last 15 minutes)